7 Factors of Selling
The 7 Factors That Influence how Quickly Your Home will SELL

• Week 1 •

The start to a series on The 7 Factors that influence how quickly your home will sell. This week we talk about Timing.

  1. Timing : What time of year your property goes on the market.

This seems like a simple concept, but many sellers miss by waiting for demand to pick up before thinking about selling. Preparing a home for the market can take weeks, sometimes months to get ready (depending on current condition). This delay could put the seller behind the market, causing the home to sit on the market longer. Poor timing means buyers have already purchased, re-signed a lease, or dropped out of the market completely.

Think ahead about selling and don’t procrastinate on those repairs. If you’ve considered a move, it’s never too early to do an in-home consultation to talk about timing, market conditions, and discuss the other key factors that lead to a successful sale.

Stay tuned for the next 6 influences of this series.

• Week 2 •

  1. Location : How attractive is the property site; What are the positive/negative aspects?

Location! Location! Location! The common phrase associated to Real Estate. But what does it actually mean? Every piece of Real Estate is Unique. There are no two identical Homes, for the reason there are no two identical Locations.

In our previous post, we discussed Timing of the market as it relates to Supply & Demand. In a lot of ways, Location may not be as affected by the Timing. Locations considered to be more desirable are in higher demand, not as available, and likely to sell faster. Although you cannot change the Location of your home, there are other factors we will discuss in the coming weeks to overcome potential objections to Location.

Stay tuned for more info on this and The 7 Factors that influence how quickly your home will sell – and feel free to message me with any comments or questions!

• Week 3-7 •

Coming Soon…

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